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Subscription procedure

Which products can be registered?
An OFFI Label can only be applied for, if it concerns office related products.

What is the definition of a product?
One or more products of a manufacturer with the same product facility, with equivalent properties and a similar level of environmental burden.

What is the procedure for a product to be granted an OFFI Label?
An application needs to contain the following details:

  • Name of the product
  • Description of the product
  • Company details of the applicant
  • Contact details of the contact person

Here you will find an application form. It is also possible to send the required details by email to
As soon as the details have been received, the completeness of the application will be investigated. At the same time will be determined whether the application fits in the definition of a product. (See question: what is the definition of a product?)
An application form with a unique number will be set up for each separate application. This unique number will be sent to the applicant.

How does the registration procedure work?
The registration procedure starts after the application form has been received.

OFFI Label websites

In which languages are the OFFI Label websites available?
At this moment in time, this international English website, the French website, the German website and the Dutch website are available.

Is it compulsory to publish a certified product?
In order for final consumers to verify whether a product is certified with the OFFI Label, each product needs to be published on, at least, one OFFI Label website.

Het gecertificeerde product is reeds gepubliceerd. Is het mogelijk om naderhand ook op andere OFFI Label websites het product te publiceren?
Vanzelfsprekend is dit mogelijk. Gebruik hiervoor het online formulier product publication EN. Met dit Nederlandstalige formulier kan een product publicatie worden aangevraagd of gewijzigd voor een of meerdere OFFI Label sites.

Who takes care of the publication of the products and company?
The participants are responsible for the publication of product and company profile(s). Each participant will receive its own login details. It is also possible to outsource these activities.

Is it allowed to follow a different procedure to publish products on the OFFI Label websites?
No, publication of products on the website needs to be done according to the prescribed specific procedure.

Is it allowed to publish products on another webpage of the sites?
No, all certified products are classified for one product category only. It is not allowed to publish a product in another product category

Is it allowed to publish a company profile on the OFFI Label websites in a different way?
No, publication of company profiles needs to be done according to the prescribed specific procedure.

Is it possible to advertise on OFFI Label websites?
It is not possible to advertise on any of the OFFI label websites.

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