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The OFFI Label website not only serves the purpose of being a website; it is a source of information for office related products at the same time.
This way, everybody has access to independent information about office supplies.

For corporate buyers

Even for corporate buyers it is not easy to select the right office products. OFFI Label offers transparency regarding products and manufacturers in order to find quality products manufactured in a responsible way. This way it meets the wish for verified information, which is crucial in tendering and sustainable Purchasing practices.

Private and business users

A conscious way of using products is ranking higher and higher on the priority list of consumers. OFFI Label makes it simple for the consumer to purchase and use office supplies and stationery products in a conscious way.

Free advice from experts

The OFFI Label website advices consumers on the purchase and use of the products. These advices are independent and set up by experts of the OFFI Institute.
OFFI Institute is an institute of knowledge, exclusively focused on office products, and guarantees the independency of the provided information.
In order to look at the advices, choose Certified Products and make a first selection.

Share your knowledge and experiences

The OFFI Label website is open to your input of knowledge and experiences regarding office supplies. Apply for an account and add your knowledge or opinion to a discussion page. In order to apply for a free account, please send an email to stating ‘application account’. You will receive a user ID and a password in order to login to the OFFI Label site.

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