OFFI Label

OFFI Label is an international quality mark, exclusively used for office related products.


The objective of OFFI Label is to be the recognisable sign of quality and environment for both private consumers as well as corporate buyers of office related products. OFFI Label offers transparency regarding the manufacturing, raw materials and quality of a product.

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OFFI Label offers transparency regarding, and monitors, all aspects of office products and is the only one of its kind all over the world.

There may be an overabundance of quality marks and lavels for all kinds of products. For information about office related products, you can turn to OFFI Label. The use of only acknowledged quality marks and certifications, combined with extensive product testing procedures guarantees that the product is not only manufactured with respect for humanity and environment (socially responsible), but it also meets high quality standards. OFFI Label offers transparency in office products. It values:

  • the producer/manufacturer of the product
  • the raw materials and composition of the product
  • product quality

Besides this, certified OFFI Label products are being checked on:

  • applicable national and European law and regulations.
  • optional: additional criteria specific for each country. Besides the label, these certified products also mention the country or countries to which these additional criteria apply.

It is not only the completeness that makes the OFFI Label unique:

  • OFFI Label is fully independent from government and all branches of industry.

For corporate buyers

Even for corporate buyers it is not easy to find the right office products. OFFI Label offers transparency regarding products and manufacturers in order to find quality products manufactured in a responsible way. This way it meets the wish for verified information, which is crucial in the tendering and sustainable purchasing practices.

Private and business users

A conscious way of using products is ranking higher and higher on the priority list of consumers. OFFI Label makes it simple for the consumer to purchase and use office supplies and stationery products in a conscious way.

The use and characteristics of the label

Only certified products are allowed to carry the OFFI Label. The OFFI Label consists of several elements:

  • OFFI Institute Test logo
  • Label title: CERTIFIED
  • 4 orange blocks
  • OFFI Label web address:
  • Certificate Number (2 letters + 8 figures)

Frequently asked questions about OFFI Label

On the page: Frequently asked questions about OFFI Label you will find a list of frequently asked questions about OFFI Label.

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